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IV Infusion Details

From $200 – 30 minutes

Benefits of AntiViral IV Treatment

Containing the right combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this treatment helps improve your body’s ability to protect itself against viral infections and other illnesses. The shot also contains five of the B Complex vitamins as well as potent antioxidant Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system further.

AntiViral is For You

This treatment is ideal for anyone looking for an extra immunity boost, especially in this time of particular risk. It may also reduce stress and fatigue.

VitaLounge makes no representation that the experiences reported on this website are typical, your bodies are unique and the results you may experience from receiving IV drips will be unique as well. Results will vary.

IV Offerings

Monthly IV Infusions: One for $89 or Two for $139

Revive yourself with the benefits of regular IV Infusions at our relaxing and luxurious wellness lounge spa.