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Convention Prep IV Infusion

IV Infusion Details

From $200 – 45 minutes

Benefits of Convention Prep

Convention Prep boosts productivity during busy and stressful times. The combination of amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, and taurine helps the body and mind stay healthy and focused. Hydration also keeps stress and anxiety at bay while reducing fatigue.

Convention Prep is For You

Corporate events, business trips, or convention weeks are taxing to the body and mind, especially if you don’t have enough time for self-care. Convention Prep can help you combat fatigue, improve your mood, and ensure you remain in peak condition during these moments.

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IV Offerings

Monthly IV Infusions: One for $89 or Two for $139

Revive yourself with the benefits of regular IV Infusions at our relaxing and luxurious wellness lounge spa.