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Myers Plus IV Infusion

IV Infusion Details

From $125 – 30 minutes

Benefits of Myers Plus

Myers Plus is formulated with a combination of vitamins and minerals to supercharge your energy levels. Healing and nourishment are delivered directly into the body, bypassing the digestive system for faster absorption.

The taurine included in the infusion also helps maintain cognitive focus and prevent mental exhaustion.

Myers Plus is For You

True to the original Myers Cocktail, our Myers Plus IV infusion is perfect for people who suffer from chronic fatigue. It boosts the body’s energy levels by improving energy absorption at the cellular level.

People who are preparing to perform physically or mentally exhausting tasks will benefit from Myers Plus.

AMP Infusions makes no representation that the experiences reported on this website are typical, your bodies are unique and the results you may experience from receiving IV drips will be unique as well. Results will vary.

IV Offerings

Monthly IV Infusions: One for $89 or Two for $139

Revive yourself with the benefits of regular IV Infusions at our relaxing and luxurious wellness lounge spa.